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Our brand new Proshop catalogue 2015 has a new layout, with improved product presentation. We have a huge range of unique and innovative products as well as new brands – this characterises our brand new Proshop Catalogue 2015, which will be with you at the end of March 2015.

You can also download our brand new Proshop catalogue 2015 at our dealer login.


Let’s colour up the game. This season, BIG MAX counts on fresh and attractive colours for golf bags and golf trolleys, which harmonize perfectly together. BIG MAX also enlarged their waterproof assortment – the Aqua i-Dry series. Next to the functional and stylish waterproof golf bags, waterproof travel bags now complete the assortment. But there are also innovations at the trolley sector: the BLADE+ trolley offers new features and technical know how. The TI 1000 Autofold + scores with a new high tech organizer panel, while the Z360 facilitates the navigation and driving of this revolutionary trolley.


High performance sport gloves, which focus on the latest scientific, technical and ergonomic mechanics data on how sports equipment is used on the hands; this all helps to provide the most amazing grip!. The core is a secret production formula, based upon a tetra tanning process. The HIRZL SOFFFT™ technology ensures an incredible long-lasting softness, with a natural touch to the grain surface. You can see and feel the results. With a range of 4 different golf gloves designed for different needs and requirements.


“Hide Orange” is the slogan, which should help you to get the perfect putt. The simplicity and effectiveness of this patented visual alignment system and putter head designs should help golfers to solve 50% of the equation.


Ian Poulter designed and developed a putting mat as well as putting training tool, to help you improve your putts. Only 30 minutes practising on the putting mat per day will show results. Training with the putting aid will help you recognize a square clubface and a good body alignment during the putt. So, no matter with which putting tool you train, you will definitely improve your game.